Shih-tzu puppies at Bows and Toes are the sunshine of our day.  A
Shih-Tzu is known for its wonderful friendly nature. They never
meet a stranger.They are loving ,affectionate, intelligent, and
gentle.They have full coats which are easily managed with bathing
and brushing.We offer Parti colored Shih-tzus,and some solid
colored Shih-tzus such as gold with a black mask
Our Shih-tzu puppies will be in the 5 to 10 lb size range as adults.
They are great companion dogs and family pets. If you are looking
for a loyal, loving, beautiful pet, you will be happy with a Shih-tzu.
E-mail us or call us for more information on up comming Shih-tzu
puppies. We will help you find a Shih-Tzu puppy  to become your
next best friend and companion
Dog and Cat breeders are regulated by theTexas Department of Licensing and
Regulations, P.O.Box 12157, Austin texas 78711,   1-800-463-6599,   License No  106
Watch the webpage for postings of
new litters, Thanks Judy

we will have new litters in the spring
New photos 10/27/20  @ 4 wks  1.3 lbs
Reserved for Ray