Bows and Toes Kennel
Bows and Toes Kennel
Health Contract

Steve & Judy Epperson
East Texas
Your puppy will come with detailed information for care.  It covers most
issues from bathing to skin issues.   Please read
ALL the information
we send out with the puppy and go by it.  There are some products we
do not recommend till the puppy is over 6 months old, and you need to
know what they are.  You will enjoy your puppy much more if you are
well informed on it's care.
HE will also come with a sample of the food
he is eating.

Your puppy  
has had vaccinations by the breeder for Parvovirus,
Distemper, Adenovirus 2, and Parainfluenza appropriate to his age.    
been dewormed  and treated for all parasites. A  written  health
record will come with him showing what he has had and what else he
will need in the way of vaccinations to 16 weeks of age.

Vaccinations are started by 5 weeks of age and  given at 2 to 4 weeks
intervals to 16 weeks of age. Wormings are started at 2 wks  and given
at 2 wk intervals.    It is very important to continue a vaccination
schedule as recommended by your Veterinarian.  The Breeder/Seller
makes no guarantee concerning size, ability to breed, or color at
maturity of the animal.  Take your puppy to a licensed Vet within
for a well puppy exam.  If the vet finds the puppy well and
healthy at that time, our guarantee is complete.  If the Vet finds
anything wrong with the puppy at that time, you must notify us
immediately.  If it is a treatable condition, you can return the puppy to
Bows and Toes and we will treat it at our expense and return it to you
healthy.  If it is not treatable, we will replace the puppy with an equal
value puppy within 30 days or we will refund your money.  
defective puppy must be returned
to Bows and Toes with written
notice from the Vet as to the defect or condition, in order to get a
refund or replacement.
 Refund or replacement is Sellers option
depending on availability of puppies.  

*If the puppy becomes sick within the guarantee period, contact the
Seller immediately for further instructions.  
If you choose to have
the animal treated, you will be responsible for the expense.  Bows and
Toes is not responsible for any veterinarian expenses.

*If a congenital life threatening condition (concerning the Heart, Liver, or
Kidney systems only) is diagnosed within the first
seven (7) months of
life, the puppy will be replaced.
 Vet documentation of all tests done to
determine the diagnosis by the same Vet must be sent to Bows and
Toes before replacement will be made.
*Replacement means of equal
value puppy cash refund
*  Defective puppy must be
returned to Bows and Toes or certification that the puppy has died must
be furnished in order to get a replacement puppy.  Seller reserves the
right to choose refund or replacement due to availability of puppies.

*If death occurs, do not dispose of the animal without the approval of
the Breeder/Seller.  Breeder/Seller reserves the right to request an
autopsy performed by the State Lab in the event of death.  Euthanasia
(putting the puppy to sleep) voids this guarantee.

This agreement is a legal instrument and buyer agrees that He/She has
read and understands this agreement.  No other guarantees or
warrantees have been made either: expressed or implied by

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