Bows and Toes
Designer Puppies

We will be having several litters from time to time of
small puppies that are called "Designer Puppies". They are puppies intentionally
bred from Registered full blood parents to create a unique
pet with the best qualities from both breeds.  We do not register our
designer breed puppies.
Call us @
903-681-0856 cell or email us for more information or if you are
interested in adopting one of these precious babies.....

We will be posting photos below....
Dog and Cat breeders are regulated by theTexas Department of Licensing and
Regulations, P.O.Box 12157, Austin texas 78711,   1-800-463-6599,   License No  106
Fudge   &   Shine   parents
maltipoo litter  
Female Maltipoo    dob 3/23/29    ACHC reg.
ready to go 6/25/19        
2.5 lbs @ 17 wks   estimated  
4 to 6 lb adult size

Unique solid black color for maltipoo

$1050. plus tax
Shine f # 26
$300 deposit will reserve till ready to go