During an adoption period prior to a puppy leaving our care, we reserve
the right to refund a deposit or full payment at our sole discretion!!!
However if you cancel the adoption, deposits are non-refundable.  A 25%
recovery fee will be retained on full payments should this occur.
We accept Visa,
Master Card, Discover,
American Express, or
Western Union for your convenience
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Behavior Tips
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We are now using Royal Canin puppy/dog
food sold at Petsmart, Petco, and some
Tractor Supply stores. We send our puppies
out with the Royal Canin  puppy formula that
the puppy is currently eating. During the
transition period it is best not to change them
to a new food. After the first month at home
the food can be changed if desired but it is not
We will be in Houston @ Traders Village, 7979 N. Eldridge, Houston, Tx most weekends
with a nice assortment of puppies.  To arrange a Private showing on Friday night, to
choose your puppy, please call 903-681-0717 on Friday afternoon and make an
appointment with Steve.  We have puppies that are not posted on the web site that will be
available soon.  If you are looking for something in particular, please call 903-681-0856  
or email.
Our very tiny puppies will usually not go to Houston unless they are sold and are to be
picked up there. Some of these will be posted on the site for viewing or deposit to reserve
it until it is old enough to leave us.
Bows and Toes Kennel has several toy breeds .    
However, we specialize in
teacup breeds....teacup
, teacup maltese, toy schnauzers, and small
Imperial shih-tzu.
Our Toy & Tiny Breeds
Located in East Texas, we have many years of experience in breeding the teacup poodles,
iny toy poodles, Maltese, tcup Yorkies, Applehead Chihuahuas.   Pomeranians, small
, and toy Schnauzers.   We offer several colors of our toy Schnauzers as well as the
miniature size.  We are extremely proud of the size, disposition, & colors of all our puppies,
especially our
teacup poodles. Teacup, Toy, & Tiny Toy Poodles are also hypoallergenic as
they do not shed nor have pet dander.
We have
tiny toys in several of the breeds and occasionally a toy size.  Tiny Toy Poodles and
Toy Poodles are more sturdy than the teacup size making them great for children.
Please visit our nursery pages  to see what is available in any breed.  
Just click on the
thumbnails and it will take you to that breed's page to view current puppy photos.
If you see a puppy in any of the nurseries that will fulfil your every dream making your
family complete, please give us a call or send us an email.      
Contact us if you don't see what you
are looking for.   Most of the time, we have
puppies that aren't posted yet.
Judy & Steve Epperson                            
  * 903-681-0856 cells                            
Click here for "Designer Breeds"
(maltipoo, mal-shih, morkie, yorkiepoo, etc.)
Dog and Cat breeders are regulated by the Texas
Department of Licensing and Regulations.P.O.Box
12157, Austin,Texas 78711,  1-800-463-6599,
License No. 106
USDA  74-B-0750
Shipping is available at extra cost